Basic Beard Grooming Advice for Men of All Ages

Beards have made a comeback. Men of all ages have been seen sporting beards of varying shapes and sizes. While growing a beard is a long process, maintaining it is something men should do on a daily basis. When it comes to Beard Grooming Advice, there are many things that all guys should do to keep their facial hair in the best condition possible.

Shape Matters

With the exception of identical twins, no two men have the exact same facial shape. When growing a beard, it’s important to create a shape that best frames the face. There are typically four main face shapes – round, oval, rectangular, and square. A man with a round face often looks best with a longer beard; however, they should keep the sides on the shorter side. On the contrary, a rectangular face looks great with a shorter beard with full sides. Someone with a square face should consider keeping their beard short on both the sides and the chin. Those with oval faces look great in just about any beard style. Use a pair of scissors or a facial hair trimmer to maintain the desired shape.

Keep It Soft

Beard hair tends to be quite coarse and unruly. Even men with naturally straight or fine hair may notice their facial hair has a thicker, rougher texture. It’s important to keep this hair soft. Every man should remember to thoroughly wash their beard in the shower. Shampoo may be used, but there are also beard soaps on the market that are designed for this coarse hair. Once the beard is dry, a generous application of beard oil is always a good idea. Oil will keep the beard looking smooth all day long.

Style with Product

If a man’s beard is extremely difficult to manage, it may be necessary to use styling products. Some men prefer to keep their beard and mustache in place with a dollop of hair gel. If the gel is too sticky, a mustache wax may be used. Simply apply a small amount to the fingertips and work through the hair. Products allow men the ability to mold their facial hair to a desired look.

Following a simply routine of shaping, washing, and styling will help keep a man’s facial hair in great shape. It only takes a few minutes of grooming each day to keep a beard looking its best.

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